Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Please Check out our Site as a means of reaching the 170 Million consumers in

Nigeria for your products.

Market Needs

Currently in Nigeria there is no web base option where consumers can login and narrow their search for auto parts needs. Therefore, we estimated that with the launching of carpartsnigeria the hassle associated with auto parts shopping experience will ease. Consumers would now be able to search the website to see inventories posted by parts merchants around the country thereby making informed decision before they buy.

Market Growth

Unlike developed countries where there are internets portals that bring buyers and sellers together, Nigerians as a people are yet to experience such convenience. We believe that is most definitely breaching that gap. The need is there, and the market is huge, currently in the midst of bad road network resulting in daily traffic congestions, consumers are finding it very difficult to locate auto parts while sellers are in need of better ways to advertise or showcase their products. Due to influx of cars arriving Nigerian seaports daily couple with the busy lives of Nigerians thus, the automotive market is growing rapidly. It is estimated that the future of auto parts buying and selling revolves around the internet.

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